Each organization, school, institute, university, has special training needs. We help them developing their online learning project, fulfilling its own special set of learning needs, applications, and features using their preferred technologies and within their project timeframe.
Trainees, students, learners, etc are different everywhere, skills varies from east to west, the methods should be different and have to be developed accordingly.
Training freeway is the company that can solve your headaches, utilized by companies and organizations in almost every imaginable industry and location, because we create your courses step by step, your company will have a training method 100% organized and designed by YOU, not prefab, not canned training courses, not “one size fits all courses. 
The guarantee is that you will have professionals assembling your tools to create YOUR own courses.  Wondering how expensive?, very economical, Training freeway services has an exclusive area  Course Development and those services are available for your company.
Training freeway has the ability to deliver to your online learners/ trainees a wide variety of technology formats. In fact, with the Training freeway Learning Management System, you can utilize learning content in any format that can be read by any web browser.
This includes HTML, text, images, video, audio, Flash, PowerPoint, MSWord and formats created by third-party authoring tools.These formats can be transformed for internet use, can be managed and converted into a lighter web viewable product that can be fast to open and high quality seen.
Have no worries converting one content from one format to another format, forget it ! We know the best form for your learning/training content to be optimum for online purposes. We evaluate:
  1. The volume of your material
  2. How heavy it can be for internet
  3. The technology available for your audience
  4. The connection speed that your learners might have
Almost any training content format can be converted to one that be accessible for your learning audience. We solve it all we take care of all those issues.

The e-Learning package for Enterprise includes:

  • Access for unlimited administrators.
  • Access for unlimited course developers and built-in authoring
  • Up to 1,000 online learners through a secure menu
  • 10 courses development of a total of 100 lessons available
  • 3rd party courses, tracking and progress reporting.
  • Course customization, built-in reports and web based management.
  • Completion tracking and certificates
  • Configured e-commerce integration
  • Searchable document libraries, student notebook and course guides
  • Custom interactive courses built for you.
  • Hosted solution for a monthly fee.
  • Hosted solution or an installed in your own sever**
You can choose to host your final product on your own server, as some Training Freeway customers do. You may also have your peace of mind and leave those responsibilities over us, as a complete service provider, we offer the Strategic Partnership Solution.
By hosting your courses on our network and server infrastructure, Training Freeway provides installation and support of your . We monitor and maintain your complete, scalable training site including full security and regular backups.
Not just an online learning platform but a full solution, the Training Freeway Learning Center gives you your own "online university." Customers may purchase a year of Hosting Solution at 10% of the price of the package you have chosen.  

Training Freeway support is offered to all customers, free of charge, for the first 30 days after the program is purchased. Customers may purchase a year of support for 10% of the price of the package you have chosen.

Why is a support contract important?

Everyone is bound to have questions from time to time. If you take the time to build an outstanding plan using Training Freeway, you want to be sure that you'll be able to use it at 100%. Therefore, any changes in the contents can be done upon request 4 times a month. 


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